Holly Down in Heaven

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Holly collects dolls. Holly is a born-again Christian. Holly is a fifteen-year-old, brainy, outspoken, spoiled, tyrannical brat. She’s also pregnant. During her nine-month odyssey, she must find a way to move forward with the new life she’s landed in or remain forever hidden in her own special heaven…of talking dolls. A dark comedy about navigating the treacherous terrain from child to adult.

Cast Requirements

2W, 2M, lotsa dolls (& 1 or 2 puppeteers)

Set Description

A Basement-cum-doll museum


2008 Princess Grace Award


Samuel French


“Saint Simeon spent years living atop a pillar, the story goes. Saint Anthony of Egypt withdrew to the desert. Could they have chosen those routes to holiness because they lived prior to the Barbie franchise’s Dolls of the World collection? The protagonist of ‘Holly Down in Heaven,’ Kara Lee Corthron’s bold, funny new play, might say so.”
~Celia Wren, The Washington Post


Production and Development History

Production: Forum Theatre, Silver Spring, MD
Development: New Georges, New Dramatists, Vineyard, Horizon Theatre (Atlanta)