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A curious girl who falls down a rabbit hole. The lead singer of an iconic ‘60s rock band. The poor, nameless star of a classic druggie diary. Three oddly connected heroines inhabit three separate worlds, playing out their stories pretty much as expected, but when those worlds collide—we mean really, they collide—they will all start to wonder “Who’s really controlling my destiny?”

Carolyn Baeumler, Ralph Capasso, and Teresa Avia Lim; photo courtesy of Jim Baldassare
Cast Requirements

4W, 2M (flexible: can be done with many actors as well)

Set Description

A garden, a concert, a party—and from there, things get strange.


“Kara Lee Corthron’s play is an ambitious work with a lot of heart which transforms the play into an experience beyond the text itself…The raw creative energy of the piece, which will be anathema to some theatregoers who crave more traditional fare, is like a drug for me. I was high off of this production, and its fearless choices won me over from the first moment I entered the Irondale Center. If you are looking for a piece that personifies true creativity and innovative spirit, a play that challenges your views about the aesthetic of downtown theatre, or even if you like the 1960s and want to go listen to some fantastic live music, go see AliceGraceAnon.”
~Bess Rowen, The Huffington Post

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“Kara Lee Corthron’s writing is quite inventive and ties the lives of these three women together in lovely overlapping, contrasting and ultimately synchronized ways. Issues of choice, who writes women’s lives and the reality behind the hero worship of them or their creators is dealt with very well…the underlying structure of the play itself is quite strong and using the tri-fold stories of related semi-fictional/semi-real women attempting to break free from their scripts is a refreshing take on a very old problem.”
~Julia Lee Barclay,

Production and Development History

Production: New Georges and the Irondale Center
Development & commission: New Georges