A grueling economic crisis has forced changes in Cuba so severe that families cannot keep up. Water and food are rationed, homes are crumbling. Tito is eighteen, highly educated, and with no prospects of ever getting a job. He is estranged from his father, a retired soldier who remains loyal to the crumbling system. Tito’s best friend hustles tourists for money. Next door a divorced woman battles loneliness and insomnia. When Tito decides to risk it all and leave the country illegally, the family and neighbors he leaves behind struggle to make sense of his absence. A haunting, quietly surreal drama that unfolds with minimalist precision.

Cast Requirements

4 men
2 women


Winner of the Carbonell Award for Best New Play awarded by the South Florida Critics’ Circle.


“The kind of play that haunts you afterward … an unforgettable dream.“
— The Miami Herald

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“as pure and distilled as piano etudes.“— Atlanta Journal Constitution

Production and Development History

Workshop production: Brown University (1999); featured in the XIV International Hispanic Theatre Festival at Teatro Avante (1999).

Produced: Area Stage (Miami 1999); remounted at the Alliance Theatre (Atlanta 2002).