Craving Gravy or Love in the Time of Cannibalism

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A post-apocalyptic romantic comedy that tells the tale of two wanderers, Gilroy and Delroy, as they journey through a wasteland of meaning. Their search for sustenance, however, yields something far more magical than the four food groups as they discover hope and divinity in each other.

"We’ll follow the stars. Look where the rope went up." Amy Washburn (Gil) and Michael Arthur (Del): UT Austin.
Cast Requirements

1 man
1 woman
1 either

Set Description

Unit Set

  • David Mark Cohen Award for Playwriting: Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival, Washington, DC;
  • Austin Critic’s Table Award, “Outstanding Original Script”.

“A small epic of endings and beginnings.... Walch’s writing is crisp and full of clever wordplay and bandiage, with a wealth of bizarre incidents. An exciting new play.”—Willamette Week (Portland, Oregon)

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“Beautifully crafted Craving Gravy...pays homage to Samuel Beckett’s sparsity and humor, Red Skelton’s hobo clowns and...explores what it means to be human when all bindings of civilization have snapped. An excellent new play.”—Austin American-Statesman

Production and Development History
  • Ground Zero Theatre Company, Dallas, TX
  • The Other Side Theatre, Portland, OR
  • University of Texas @ Austin, Austin, TX.
  • Urban Stages, NYC
  • WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab