Nico was a Fashion Model

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Levittown teenagers, Luís and Jesse, will do anything to get into closing night of CBGB. But just when they realize their fake IDs are a bust, Luís meets his muse who becomes their ticket into the club. A series of events force Luís to examine his own identity and the character of those around him.

Cast Requirements

LUIS - 16, light skinned Latino that can pass for Caucasian,
skinny and androgynous, dresses in his “idea” of punk and
Rock & Roll

JESSE - 16, black, skinny, Luís’s best friend. Also dresses
in his “idea” of punk and Rock & Roll, although his dress is
a bit more of a sophisticated “idea.”

CHRISTA - 17, white, extremely fair, long blond straight
hair. She should quite shockingly resemble Nico from The
Velvet Underground.

Set Description

Two dumpsters behind a Babies 'R Us in Levittown, Long Island.


- Winner, Best New Work, The Motif Theatre Awards, 2014

Production and Development History

- Reading, Variations Theatre Ensemble, 2013
- Reading, LAByrinth Theater Company, 2010
- Reading, Three Monos Ensemble's Readings for the Social Animal,

- Professional, Counter-Productions Theatre Company, 2013