Locusts Have No King

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Two gay couples (Lucus/Matthew and Jonathan/Marcus) get together for a dinner party. They work together. They live in the same building. They are closeted. But when one ponders his resignation the others fear exposure of their hidden relationships. They cannot allow this to happen. They won't allow this to happen. All hell breaks loose... literally.

Cast Requirements

JONATHAN Any ethnicity, handsome. 50 Male, Quick with the quips.

MARCUS Any ethnicity, handsome 45 Male. Matches Jonathan's wit.Super likeable

MATTHEW Any ethnicity, handsome, 33 Male. Reserved. A bit of a wet mop.

LUCUS Any ethnicity, handsome, 50 Male. Volatile, yet charming. An alcoholic.

Set Description

Unit Set. A Dining Room/Living Room



Production and Development History

Reading, INTAR Theatre - Bright Untamed Latinx Queer Reading Series, 2012

Reading, Personal Space Theatrics - Salvaged Space Reading Series, 2012

Professional, INTAR Theatre, 2016