The Guilt Mongers or Los Traficantes de Culpa (for those not willing to submit to the Anglicization of our people)

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Bruno Santiago is estranged from his family. They never accepted his unapologetic Queerness. But when his mother is admitted to a Bronx hospice, he rushes to her bedside with his partner of 10 years… and their new 23-year-old Mexican boyfriend. His disapproving Boricua family is outraged by Bruno’s flaunting of an amoral three-way relationship. Bruno defends his relationship and confronts a half-uncle stirring up unsettled feelings from his past. Fights, tears, and heartbreak abound while a hospice nurse juggles to deal with the family drama and the matriarch’s spirit using her as a sounding board for life-long resentments.

Cast Requirements

Roles by Gender: 5 men, 5 women
Roles by Race: 9 latinx, 1 white


Winner, MetLife Nuestras Voces' National Latino Playwriting Competition, Repertorio Español, 2017

Production and Development History

Reading, Repertorio Español, 2017
Reading, INTAR Theatre, 2016