Dorothy 6

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Pittsburgh, 1984. A family of steelworkers struggles to hold on to their livelihood and their way of life as the blast furnace affectionately named Dorothy 6 is closed.

Cast Requirements

3 men
3 women

Set Description



“McManus deftly handles themes that have been dealt with by great playwrights before him, such as Arthur Miller, Eugene O'Neill, and August Wilson. What happens to an individual whose dreams are smashed by a changing society? How does someone face up to his inability to achieve the American Dream? What's the difference between facing reality and giving up, and is it possible to do the former without the latter? It's beautifully, even classically constructed... I relished the sensitivity with which McManus laid bare their souls.”
—Anna Rosenstein, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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"Dorothy 6 is a painful and potent tribute to a dying culture.”
—Chris Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Production and Development History

Produced: Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company (2004 & 2008).