The Romance of Magno Rubio by Lonnie Carter (streamed via Ma-Yi Theater

May 25–Jun 4, 2020

The Romance of Magno Rubio
By Lonnie Carter
Directed by Loy Arcenas
Streamed via Ma-Yi Theater

Set in the central valleys of California in the 1930s, the play focuses on Magno Rubio, an illiterate Filipino farm worker and his pen-pal courtship with Clarabelle, a white woman from Arkansas who advertises in the back pages of a “lonely hearts” magazine. Believing he’s found the woman of his dreams, Magno fantasizes about their life together, only to soon realize that reality and dreams do not always align.

The Romance of Magno Rubio was filmed in July 2003 by Francisco Aliwalas at The Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila before a live audience, for the Sangandaan Festival. Presented with support from the Asian Cultural Council.

The Romance of Magno Rubio will be available to stream for free on this page from May 25 – June 4 only! Mark your calendars.