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CASSIOPEIA is an unconventional theater piece with musical elements.

In CASSIOPEIA, the professorial, QUIET, meets the domestic, ODETTA aboard an airplane. High above the world they share a conversation about beauty, mathematics, fate, envy, sex, death, and come to the haunting realization that their lives have been intertwined since a forgotten collision many years ago.

Cast Requirements

QUIET -- MALE (60s), a theoretical physicist. He has bad hands.
ODETTA -- FEMALE (30s), a maid.
THE VOICE -- FEMALE, a vocal musician who underscores the piece.

Set Description

Minimal. Two airplane seats. The remainder of the set is comprised of a window, approximately 5 by 7 feet that hangs downstage. It should be suspended a foot or so off the floor and placed in a manner that does not indicate that it belongs to one character or the other.

Production and Development History

Commissioned by ACT in 2002.
Originally conceived to be presented in collaboration Joseph Chaikin who passed away prior to production in 2003.