Episode 13: Resistance Loves Company, Part 3

In this segment, resident playwright Sam Chanse continues her conversation with three additional playwrights about their responses to the new presidential administration, and how they are navigating the terrain. What specific strategies are playwrights using to take action, what is the intersection of theater and resistance, and how can we sustain our energy going forward?

Zell Williams, (ND current resident), play and television writer based in LA. He's also a co-host of The Inner Cities, a weekly comical podcast on race and politics from a black perspective.
Kimber Lee, playwright.
Andrea Thome, (ND alum) playwright.

“Resistance loves company” is the tag line of the WAM (Weekly Action Meetings) group hosted by ND alum Liz Duffy Adams and Gus Schulenberg/Flux Theatre Ensemble, who offered the moniker while recording Part 1.