Way to Curaçao

(A partially whimsical play about memories of tragedies)

Way to Curaçao begins in August 1940 in Lithuania, where Japanese Ambassador Sugihara has exactly 29 days to hand-write thousands of transit visas for Jewish refugees to go through Japan, to reach the Caribbean island of Curacao, where no entry visa is needed. No one would choose to leave Japan after a long Trans-Siberian Railway journey and a boat ride to the port of Kobe. More than 70 years later in NYC, a mother and a daughter who have never met Sugihara try to preserve, dismantle, and ultimately, rebuild memory of him.

Cast Requirements

2 men (1 Asian, 1 Jewish)
2 women (preferably Jewish)

Set Description


Production and Development History

Winter Retreat, Lark Play Development Center
Artist Retreat at Weston Playhouse, VT
Creativity Workshop at New Dramatists