Thousand Years Waiting

Optional Music by Bruce Odland
Thousand Years Waiting is a storytelling piece with original music and movement, threading three generations of women’s memories through time and space. A woman today, in New York City, is reading a memoir written one thousand years ago by a woman in Japan; the woman writing her memoir in old Japan is reading The Tale of Genji. The history of storytelling is woven like a spider’s web, and the woman in the present steps in and out of real and fictional worlds in the past.

Margi Sharp, Sophia Skiles and Anna Wilson in <I>Thousand Years Waiting</I>. Photo by David Altman
Anna Wilson and Sophia Skiles in <I>Thousand Years Waiting</I>. Photo by David Altman
Sophia Skiles, Otome Bunraku Puppet (operated by Masaya Kiritake), Margi Sharp & Anna Wilson in <I>Thousand Years Waiting</I>.
Cast Requirements

3 women (multi-racial)

Set Description



Thousand Years Waiting and Other Plays
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“Chiori Miyagawa crosses culture and genres to illustrate the seductive power of our selective memories—and how the old patterns can be transcended.”
Time Out New York

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“Chiori Miyagawa, whose contribution to last season’s The Antigone Project was one of that evening’s highlights, blends together two millennium-old Japanese writings with her own modern sensibility.”
—New York Sun

Production and Development History

Production: Crossing Jamaica Avenue in co-production with P.S. 122 (2006); Envision Retreat with Voice & Vision Theater