This Lingering Life

This Lingering Life takes place in someplace like the U.S., where we meet a woman with tragic hair, feudal warriors, a mother whose son was kidnapped, a blind beggar, dead lovers, a pathetic old man in love with a teenager, a boy whose father is an arrow, and other sentient beings. It all happens in the present time, except when it happens in an ancient era. As in the Noh plays which inspired it, this new play looks at the human condition through the Buddhist concept of Karma. We all exist in a complex web of relationships, determined by emotions and actions from this life and previous lives.

Cast Requirements

The desirable ensemble is 3 men, 3 women. Possible to cast with 2 men, 2 women. It can also be done with a large cast.

Set Description


Production and Development History

World premiere rights available
Radcliffe Advanced Studies Fellowship at Harvard University
Play Ground at Lark Play Development Center
Creativity Fund workshop at New Dramatists