Alice is a waitress in New York City. Her brother Peter is homeless. Their mother Anna is missing. Alice meets a mysterious stranger who pretends that they are a couple. This man, Matt, is haunted by a ghost who is an “everywoman”—a shape-shifting incarnation of ordinary women from the U.S. past. A haunting, homeless, waitressing, unemployed, missing, murdering, suicide love story.

Michi Barall and Timothy Altmeyer in <I>Fire Dance</I>. Photo by Ward Yosimoto
Kati Kuroda, Timothy Altmeyer and Michi Barall in <I>Fire Dance</I>. Photo by Ward Yosimoto
Photo by Rick Martin
Photo by Rick Martin
Photo by Rick Martin
Cast Requirements

4 men
2 women

Set Description



Thousand Years Waiting and Other Plays
Seagull Books


“…the playwright takes the story far beyond such limitations of time and place…Given the playwright’s poetic language and imagery, the drama has reverberations which reach back into history and myth.”
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Production and Development History

Production: Voice & Vision Theater (1998); Bard College (2010)

Workshop: New Georges (June 2010).