Comet Hunter

Comet Hunter is a magical play based on the courageous and moving life of the first recognized woman astronomer in history, Caroline Herschel. Born in 1750 in Hanover, Germany, Caroline followed her brother William, the celebrated astronomer, to England when she was twenty-two. She was a strange looking woman, her growth stunted at age twelve from typhus. She devoted her life to assisting her brother and never married. The play is a story about a brother and a sister who share the celestial enchantment, and major breakthroughs that Caroline made in the field of astronomy, conquering societal prejudice and her own loneliness. She is guided by a prophet, a woman, who is “Time,” who makes hope for the future and healing of memories possible.

Cast Requirements

1 man
4 women

Set Description



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Production and Development History

World Premiere rights available

Presented: Alfred P. Sloan/EST Commission (2001); First Light Festival at EST (2002).

Workshop: Madison Repertory Theatre (2003).