July 5, 2013

Please check out a new website designed by Morgan Allen:

The Tuesday Following

I'm pleased to announce that our Tuesday Project website is going live today. The site explores not only my play I Came to Look for You on Tuesday directed by Alice Reagan, but also unveils behind the scene salons & out-on-the-street guerrilla art project that are all part of the companion program, The Tuesday Following, and the many people who have taken part in it so far. Please take a minute to browse the site and even leave a reunion story of your own.

I Came to Look for You on Tuesday was developed through New Dramatists' programs, Play Time and Creativity Fund Workshop.

AND 3 days ago, the third print by James Bayard went up on the streets.

I'd like to remember that.

3rd Ave. and 13th St.
Ludlow St. between Houston and Stanton
57th St. and 9th Ave.
Bedford Ave. and N 7th St.