Inspired by Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, the play explores the desire for an eternal existence. Chopin appears as a character and watches her novel on stage as she writes it, lives in 1899 as well as ceaselessly, and is almost interchangeable with her own heroine, Edna. She exists to live and die her own life, which had already happened in real time. She also witnesses Edna’s life, her own creation, as time rewinds and fast-forwards in fictional time. Throughout the play, the novel is both in the process of being written and already completed.

Dale Soules and Margi Sharp in <I>Awakening</i>. Photo by Sonoko Kawahara
Sophia Skiles and Dale Soules in <I>Awakening</i>. Photo by Sonoko Kawahara
Cast Requirements

4 women
3 men

Set Description



Thousand Years Waiting and Other Plays
Seagull Books


“Miyagawa has mixed the story of Kate Chopin’s life with the events of the novel, so that the author floats in and out of the action on stage. Awakening also explores the power of silence, using movement to tell much of the story.”
Columbia Spectator


Production and Development History

Productions: Crossing Jamaica Avenue in co-production with P.S. 122 and Dance Theater Workshop (2000).