America Dreaming

Original Music by Tan Dun
In America Dreaming, Yuki, a young Asian American woman, suddenly finds herself time traveling through a fictitious version of American history. She travels to the timeS of the Great Depression, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the future. Each period contains false memories, historical inaccuracies, and fragments of truth. She is returned to the present when she finds something like her identity.

Michael Lewis, Beth Dixon, Liana Pai and B.J. Brown in <I>America Dreaming</i>.
Leana Pai and Billy Crudup in <I>America Dreaming</i>.
Joel de la Fuente, Virginia Wing, Anne Harada and Shi-Zheng Chen in <I>America Dreaming</i>.
Cast Requirements

4 men (1 Asian, 3 Caucasian)
3 women (2 Asian, 1 Caucasian)

Set Description



Global Foreigners
Seagull Books


“As shown in America Dreaming, the impressionistic music-theater piece exploring the collision of Eastern and Western cultures, that notion of happily-ever-after assimilation was always a myth.”
New York Times

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“Beautifully hallucinatory in presentation... America Dreaming…is an offbeat piece of theater-going that’s as pleasurable to watch as it is challenging.…”

Production and Development History

Commissioned: Music-Theatre Group.
Co-Production: Vineyard Theatre with MTG (1995).