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June 30, 2016

Matthew Freeman's THAT WHICH ISN'T opens at the Brick Theater August 11th

Seeking neutral ground, Helen and James drive out of the city to an open field on a moonlit evening. From sunset to sunrise, they confront their past together and attempt to forge a possible future. Years later, Helen and Marcus meet for dinner in Los Angeles to discover if shared history constitutes common ground. In two spare acts, That Which Isn't explores the limits of forgiveness and the way we remember those we've left behind.

August 11-20th, 2016 - The Brick Theater

January 28, 2015

Matt Freeman's THE LISTENERS opens February 4th

Matt Freeman's new play The Listeners opens on February 4th at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Listeners is surreal drama about ritual as a ward against the unknown. The Listeners casts the audience in the role of "the listeners" themselves, observing them through one-way mirrors and peep holes in the walls of the four-sided set.

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