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August 4, 2013

The Tuesday Project: Street Art

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Website designed by Morgan Allen

July 1, 2013

I'd Like to Remember That

3rd Ave and 13th St
Ludlow St btwn Houston and Stanton
57th St and 9th Ave
Bedford Ave and N7th St

July 15, 1213

Why Did You Come Here

Rivington St btwn Bowery and Chrystie
13th St and 3rd Ave

August 4, 2013

photos of the wedding party officiated by Rabbi Monsignor London

The Wedding Party - a collective performance piece
and Cute Cats a short play by moi
directed by David Herskovits on June 28, 2013

Rabbi Monsignor London

John and Robert

Mia and Ken


July 5, 2013


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The Tuesday Following

June 23, 2013

I will be tweeting scenes from I Came to Look for You on Tuesday


Starting in July, I will tweet selected scenes from my play, I Came to Look for You on Tuesday.

Director Alice Reagan, actor Jens Rasmussen, playwright Brian Otano and Ann Marie Dorr, and aspiring director Tara Pacheco will also tweeting from @tuesdayfollowin.

Follow us. The play will open at La MaMa in September.

June 23, 2013

The Tuesday Following Part 2


This print by Jame Bayard went up on June 17.

The next ones go up on July 1!
Look for them at:
Ludrow near Stanton
3rd Ave and 13th
9th Ave and 57th
Bedford Ave and N7th

June 23, 2013

The Tuesday Following

The Tuesday Following is part real time community salons, part street visual art project featuring the work of artist James Bayard, and seeks to reach people in different neighborhoods to build ephemeral yet creative communities around the concept of reunion. It is a companion project of the play I Came to Look for You on Tuesday.


June 3, 2013

The Tuesday Following

The street art project begins on Monday, June 3.

Look for this print by artist James Bayard at:
2nd and Houston
13th and 3rd,
57th & 9th
N 7th and Bedford.


June 3 - 17
More to come

May 10, 2013

Hibakusha Stories Retreat at Theater for the New City

It was a beautiful day spent with 18 East Side High School students and atomic bombing survivor from Hiroshima Ms. Reiko.
May 6, 2013


December 17, 2012

America is On Sale for Sandy Recovery

America Dreaming and Other Plays is on 10% sale from now through January 15, if purchased from

December 17, 2012

This Lingering Life is presented by the Playwrights Foundation's Rough Reading Series

This Lingering Life
Directed by Jublith Moore

Monday, January 14, 7:30pm at Roble Hall, Stanford University
Tuesday, January 15, 7pm. NOH Space, San Francisco

This Lingering Life @ Playwrights Foundation

October 15, 2012

I recommend dispatches from (a)mended america

Written by Godfrey Simmons and Brandt Adams, directed by Epic Theater Ensemble's Artistic Director Ron Russell.
I hanged out a bit as a dramaturg with these guys. They are wonderful, theatrically and otherwise, and the show is great.


October 12, 2012

a mini reading tour of This Lingering Life

This Lingering Life had a reading by Project Y Theater, directed by Daivid Herskovits. It goes next to Ithaca, to a new theater company The Civic Ensemble on October 29.

October 12, 2012

Dream Acts published on Indie Theater Now

Read Dream Acts here

collectively written by Mia Chung, Jessica Litwak, Chiori Miyagawa, Saviana Stanescu, and Andrea Thome

April 16, 2012

America Dreaming and Other Plays

A collection of five plays published by NoPassport Press

Available here


April 16, 2012

Thousand Years Waiting and Other Plays

A collection of seven plays published by Seagull Books.

Available here


November 7, 2011

Collaboration with 2 New Dramatists and 2 Lark playwrights

Read about DREAM Act Union, which I'm working on with fellow New Dramatists Mia Chung and Andrea Thome.

Interview with Chiori on