Inspired by a real life event, Terra Firma uses an audacious act of aggression, a family's armed takeover of an abandoned anti-aircraft platform -- that is surrounded by land mines and appears to be slowly sinking into the sea -- to wrestle with the questions: What is a nation? Who is the enemy? And what price freedom?


ROY, early 50’s, founder of the micro-nation of Terra Firma and its de facto King

QUEEN, 40’s, Roy’s beloved wife. Head of State.

JONES, the Citizen, head of Homeland Security, general munitions expert, and Roy’s best mate. Both Jones and Roy are veterans of the Big War.

HOSTAGE, a fisherman of unknown origin and a foreign intruder in Terra Firma waters

TEDDY, the royal couple’s 17-year-old son and Prince Regent to the crown. Special skills: rope climbing, tactical maneuvers and general survival skills.

DIPLOMAT, Self-appointed negotiator for the Hostage’s release. An amateur boxer in his youth. Both his ancient and recent history are murky.