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Inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire, Roar is the story of a Palestinian-American family living in Detroit in the wake of the first Gulf War. All hell breaks loose when a notoriously sexy and scandalous relative, Hala, gets thrown out of Kuwait and arrives on their doorstep without a return ticket...

Cast Requirements

2 men
3 women

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“Roar is part tender drama and part searing comedy. The young writer Betty Shamieh has the playwright’s most essential gift: the passion for talk. Ms. Shamieh’s rich, urgent prose will catch you up, then fling you into a character’s life as if it were your own.” —The New York Times

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“Roar isn’t just the story of Palestinian-Americans living in Detroit: it’s an unsentimental look at family life in all its frustrating complexity.”
Associated Press

Production and Development History

World Premiere: New Group (2004).