Again and Against

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Dahlia, a politically active Arab-American graduate student at Columbia, is detained and interrogated by an Arab-American FBI agent, Omar, who is determined to stop terrorism at all costs. Omar tells Dahlia that her boyfriend used her as a pawn in a terrorist plot. Dahlia must figure out whether to believe him and reveal evidence that may entrap her lover and herself.

Cast Requirements

1 man
1 woman

Unit Set


”If the aim is to show the characters’ different strengths and flaws, it’s successfully done. There’s constantly a sense of tension in the play, forcing the story forward and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.”—Teaterstockholm

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”Well-stirred, ice cold shake-up of a play! The inquiry between the two characters moves between trust, distrust, violence and connection as the story unfolds and it’s impossible to know what the truth is. Shamieh has written a fiercely intelligent work.” —Nummer

Production and Development History

World Premiere: (Swedish translation) Playhouse Teater, Stockholm.

Selected for Russian translation and presented at the Ljubimovka Festival with support from U.S. Russia Bi-Lateral Presidential Commission and Lark Play Development Center in 2011.