Ludic Proxy

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LUDIC PROXY is a multi-lingual, multi-media play exploring the tenuous line between memory, reality and fantasy through three apocalyptic narratives that unfold within an immersive theatrical landscape:

Act One: The Past / Pripyat A woman becomes obsessed with a video game when she recognizes its setting as her hometown Pripyat, abandoned after the Chernobyl crisis.

Act Two: The Present / Fukushima A pregnant woman living in the outskirts of the Fukushima nuclear evacuation zone is torn between abandoning her hometown and saving herself and her child.

Act Three: The Future / New York A woman contemplates her own mortality and possible progeny, unable to imagine a hopeful tomorrow within a technology-saturated underground future world.

Cast Requirements

5 W / 1 M
Some characters have language requirements: fluent Japanese and Russian


Ambitious. Beautifully conceived. Ms. Ogawa has big ideas, both in terms of the writing and how to stage it. The play shows how the simulated can adjoin, infuse or ultimately replace the actual. – The New York Times

“Ludic Proxy is surely the very sort of downtown theater that should be supported by bold companies and even bolder audiences who want to encourage new voices. – Huffington Post

BEST BET! Acute and aesthetically arresting. Not just an experience of theater but an experience of witnessing what it is like to be alive. You’ve gotta go. – Theatre is Easy

Ogawa’s writing is enchanting and poetic, deeply in tune with the spirit of many different cultures. Spectacular design work. – New York Theatre Review


Production and Development History

Developed as part of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Process Space, Swing Space and Workspace programs.
Commissioned, developed and produced by The Play Company, NY.
World Premiere production at WalkerSpace, 2015.