Apply for Residency

New Dramatists has decided to suspend admissions for the 2021-2022 cycle and extend the residencies of all 59 current residents for another year.  With a complex and multi-pronged reopening plan ahead of us, and without a firm reopening date, we decided that this was the best way to maximize our resources in support of our current resident company of playwrights. Please find our full announcement here.  Check this page for updates in the spring of 2022.

Applications for residency will be accepted online during the submissions window. Once the window closes, we will not process any more applications. New Dramatists staff reviews submissions for completeness in the order they are received, so it is in your best interest to submit well before the deadline.

All U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for residency if they are able to meet the submission requirements, including 2 full-length original plays, a statement of intent, and a biography or resume.

Download and read the 2018-2019 Guidelines for Resident Company and 2018-2019 Application Information documents at the bottom of this page BEFORE beginning your application. Each year, in an effort to be responsive to recommendations from the selection panel and evolution in the theatre field, New Dramatists staff reviews and makes changes to our admissions process. Please read all materials carefully.

2018–2019 Application Step-by-Step

The Online Form

Click the “Begin Application” button at the bottom of this page. You will be prompted to set up an account. If you receive an 'access denied' error, it means you have an existing account on our website, and you need to go to 'view your account' at the top R of your screen. There are 7 tabs to complete, and you may save your work and return to the online form at any time until you click “Submit Your Application”.

1) Eligibility 
You will be asked to verify your citizenship or permanent work status from the USCIS.

2) Name & Address
Enter your contact information in the form.

3) Letter of Intent
Enter or copy-and-paste the equivalent of a one page letter in the form field. You will be asked to respond to the following prompt: The selection panel is tasked with intuiting who you are as a playwright through the plays you have submitted. The Statement of Intent is an opportunity for the committee to hear directly from you. Tell us more about yourself: What compels you to write for the theatre? How do your play selections represent your body of work? What do you see as the benefits of developing your work in the company of other playwrights? What do you imagine your path is as a playwright??

4) Playwright/Artistic Bio, Resume or CV 
You have the options to upload, enter, or copy-and-paste a professional biography or resume.

Guidelines for Scripts

5) Play A
6) Play B

You will be prompted to upload your “A” play and your “B” play on separate pages. All “A” plays are read. As applicants advance through the process, their “B” plays are read.

Upload a Stand-Alone Title Page for each play with your full name and contact information.

Upload “Blind Copies” of Two Original Full-Length Works (Plays and/or Libretti-i.e., books of musicals). Each submission must be a single work that constitutes a full evening of theatre. For example, a 90-minute play without an intermission is a full-length work.

-Please do not put any identifying information in the script. Identifying information includes: your name, contact information, theatres that have workshopped or produced your plays, your agent, special thanks, actors/production crew involved, etc.

-Please include a character list and a brief summary of the play at the beginning of your script document.

-Every script page must be numbered.

-Every script page must include the play’s title.

-Scripts must be in PDF file format. In response to recommendations from panelists in recent years, we will no longer accept any other file format.

Please Do Not Submit: 
-Short one-act plays or 10-minute plays, whether collected or alone.
-Recommendation letters.
-Translations of previously published material.
-Screenplays and/or teleplays.
-Plays in hard copy or published formats.
-Special thanks page.

Submitting the Application

7) Submit Application 
Read and agree to our privacy policy. Click “Submit Your Application”. After you complete this step, you will no longer be able to make changes to your application. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Your application is submitted by the deadline if you receive this confirmation email by 5pm EDT on July 30, 2018.

Supplemental Music Samples-OPTIONAL: You may submit music samples to accompany a libretto in order to showcase the style and tone of the larger work. Please do not submit music in place of the book, and please note past admissions committees have often found libretti less competitive than plays.Once you submit your completed application, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the new form. You may submit up to five tracks (mp3 or m4a accepted). Please be prepared to upload all files in one session.

Notification Status notifications are sent on a rolling basis: the first round of letters goes out in January/February, the second round of letters goes out in March/April, and the final round of letters goes out in May.