Writer Testimonials


New Dramatists’ impact is multi-dimensional, seen in the range of qualitative personal feedback from participating writers. We pay close attention to artist-defined parameters of success, and track feedback on creative exploration and the development of an artist's process, as well as feedback on individual projects.


Sheila Callaghan

Aurin Squire

Qui Nguyen

Carla Ching


Sylvan Oswald


Diana Son

I can't tell you how meaningful it was for me to have New Dramatists read my work and say - you are a playwright. The recognition alone was fortifying. As a young playwright, just out of college (I didn't study writing, didn't know anyone else trying to be a playwright), working crummy jobs just to pay the rent, I had no guidance, no structure, no community. New Dramatists provided all of that for me.

Kara Lee Corthron

Two years ago [before becoming a New Dramatists resident], I revamped Listen for the Light…I had a one-day, closed reading and learned some things, but I was left feeling more confused about the play than excited to continue working on it...Dedicating [a Creativity Fund] week to work on it—four days with actors and one day for me to write—reminded me of why I wrote it and why it deserves to be in the world. What I loved most about this experience was the fact that the focus was on nothing but the quality of the work and the growth of the play. Not only will Listen for the Light benefit tremendously from [this] Creativity Fund week, I think my way of working on all plays from this point on will be positively influenced.

J.T. Rogers

My work on Blood and Gifts at New Dramatists, is a great example of why this place is so important. During my Creativity Fund week, I wrote and wrote (and wrote and wrote). At the end of the week, we put the play up on its feet before an invited audience of 100. The play we performed spanned five acts and ran four-and-a-half hours long. I can say with confidence that I would never have gotten to hear the entire great beast if I was "developing" this play at a theater using a more traditional model. But I needed to mount the entire work so that I could hear and see the world I'd created, to understand what aspects needed to stay and which to go. I also needed to ask specific questions of my invited audience, to harness their collective intelligence to make the play better. New Dramatists’ unconditional support of my process, helped me shape Blood and Gifts into a play that I’m immensely proud of.

Matthew Freeman

The Creativity Fund enabled me to delve more deeply into my play Bluebeard…and work through the extended silences in the script. Staged readings and table work aren't terribly good mediums for exploring silent action. In order to truly see silent action's timing, how it looks, how it feels, and how it contributes to a script's pacing and sound, one needs to watch it in motion. In our Creativity Fund session, we were able to get our heads out of the binders, move through the space, and then show the play to an audience, silences staged and intact.

Jason Grote

When I got into New Dramatists, Joel Ruark told me, “welcome home.” It’s hard to describe how apt this was—there really isn’t any other place like New Dramatists. Everyone understands the basic perks of being a New Dramatist—the free copies, the readings, the prestige—but the essential, and elusive, fact of the place is that it’s a home and a family in a profound and meaningful way. Lots of institutions say they’re committed to serving playwrights, many places mean it, and a few effectively are—but no place offers the sense of shelter and community that New Dramatists does.

Melisa Tien

The welcome that you get at New Dramatists when you enter is unparalleled. I’ve been a part of other programs that lasted more than a year, with other playwrights involved, but nothing else comes close to [New Dramatists’] scale.

Francine Volpe

Directing my own work during my Creativity Fund Workshops has taught me more about my plays than any other developmental process. My plays have become more precise. I have become an artist in control.