Financial Health


“New Dramatists deserves our support. They don’t really throw money around so every dollar helps more than a dollar usually does.” - Arthur Miller

In FY16, New Dramatists continued its longstanding commitment to manage its finances with transparency and diligent attention.

The organization had another strong financial year in FY16, with the Jerry A. Tishman Creativity Fund bequest significantly affecting our annual contributed income. New Dramatists ended the year with a modest surplus, monies which the board has designated to continue replenishing our reserves. More details on our recently completed year are included in our audited financial statements, attached below.

We currently hold approximately $372,800 in reserves or donor restricted funds that are extra-budgetary. Our reserves, along with a few donor-restricted funds, are invested extremely conservatively. While this limits the annualized income from these funds, it provides important security from volatility. We own our facility outright and have no debts of any nature. Looking ahead, New Dramatists again projects a balanced income/expense budget for FY17.

Donated monies are devoted to our mission of service, and we make certain that our fiscal management practices reflect appreciation for that relationship. Based on this commitment, we continue to operate with a balanced budget year-in and year-out. What this means in practical terms is that we are constantly working to identify and attract new, sustainable funding for our programs and operations.