Mother Earth

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“Mother Earth” centers on Leo, a man in his late twenties living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in his mother’s first husband’s widow’s brownstone. He is obsessed with global climate change, and prepares a speech to deliver to his block association in order to convince them to give up their appliances. Meanwhile, he is entirely unable to come to terms with the long-term chronic illness of his mother.

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Scene 3: Vase.
Leo visits his mother Anne. She is in bed. She smokes.
Leo has brought her a bouquet of flowers.

Thank you. They’re beautiful.

Is that a new AC?

Remote control. Your father installed it.

As cold as it is in here, it’s no wonder you’re tired.

I like these purple ones especially. Purple’s my favorite.

They’re locally grown – upstate.
You pay a premium, but it’s worth it.
Do you want me to put them in a vase?

Just lay them on the bed for now.

They’ll wet it.

You used to do that.

When I was three.

Five or six. Once even at seven.
You would have nightmares
Come running to our bed and nuzzle your furry little head in between us like a baby panda.

I’ll go get a vase.

Cast Requirements

Six actors (3m, 3f) playing multiple parts.

Set Description

Leo’s stoop, on a tree-lined New York City street.
The inside of Leo’s apartment – cluttered with old furniture.
Leo’s mother’s apartment with its giant bed.
The block association meeting.

Spaces should be suggested, and can blend one into the other. The play should move fluidly, the line between indoor and outdoor spaces blurring.

Production and Development History

Reading with Page 73 Productions.
Workshop at the Playlabs Conference.