Worm Girl

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She's not just a worm, she's also a girl! And she’s hungry for friends…and dirt. In this slimy, soulful coming-of-age farce about a nerdy teen who just wants to be loved, Worm Girl pursues her “best friend,” Mean Queen Straci (and her minions Spaci and Lacey) through embarrassing adventures at school, the beach, the Pakistan Winter Olympics, and of course, her very first Prom. Will Worm Girl find true friendship before Straci a-salts her and she shrivels up and dies? Who knows! When you're deliriously optimistic and eat dirt, anything's possible!

Cast Requirements

3 women
2 men
playable by adults or teens

Flexible Set. Comically low-tech.


“Laugh-out-loud funny!...Wonderfully foul, irreverent…As ridiculous as it may sound, Worm Girl is a classic coming-of-age story about a high school nerd who just wants to hang out with the cool kids…Its embrace of the lowbrow is absolute and inspired” – The Washington Post

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“A light and frolicking romp through the adventures of one girl’s desire to love and be loved…Its optimistic ‘love conquers all’ attitude is infectious.” – Metro Weekly

Production and Development History

Commissioned and produced: Cherry Red Productions at the Source Theatre (Washington D.C., 2004). Directed by Anton Dudley, the production was extended for a 9-week run.