Swimming in the Shallows

Barb finds out that Buddhist monks in Thailand only own eight things—and wonders if that is all she wants. She starts giving away her things but her husband Bob keeps buying her new ones. Donna wants Carla Carla to marry her, but Carla Carla doesn’t like that Donna smokes. Nick meets a shark at the aquarium—they go on a date to the beach and Nick tries not to sleep with the shark too fast. Plus dream sequences. Plus a wedding.

Cast Requirements

3 men
3 women


“A screwy little jewel.”
New York Times

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“A delightful comedy.”
Time Out New York

“Hits so many right notes, with so much smarts, winning charm, and goofy humor.”
Back Stage West

Production and Development History

Productions: Coyote Theatre, Boston; Shotgun Players, San Francisco; Pisces Moon, Santa Cruz; USC, Long Beach; Red Barn, Key West; MetaTheatre, LA; Kitchen, Ithaca; Hen & Chickens, London; Edinburgh Festival; Theatrefront, Toronto; SLAC, Salt Lake; WET, Seattle; Second Stage, NYC; Invisible Theatre, Tucson; Théâtre de L’Opsis, Montreal.