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Isaac, a marine working in Mortuary Affairs, comes home from the war to take care of his father, who has recently suffered a debilitating stroke. But will Isaac's newly radicalized mother and transgender sibling make it easy for him? "Hir" is a comedic tragedy about the way we care for and bury our dying ways of life.

Nancy Opel and Jax Jackson in "Hir" at Magic Theater, photo by Jennifer Rielley
Nancy Opel and Jax Jackson in "Hir" at Magic Theater, photo by Jennifer Rielley
Cast Requirements

1F (50s), 1M (50s), 1M (20s), 1 transman (17).

Set Description

Single-set kitchen/living room


World premiere at the Magic Theater, San Francisco, in February, 2014.


“Written in a form Mac calls ‘absurd realism,’ ‘Hir’ challenges expectations on every level except that of providing engrossing entertainment, which it does to a remarkable degree. But be warned: The outrageous comedy and pointed satire in this battle of gender roles contains a tragic undertow with its own ambiguity about audience preconceptions in the end.” -- San Francisco Chronicle


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"Funny, riveting gender-bender is ‘best play’ in years." -- Marin Scope


"The jaw-dropping brilliance of Taylor Mac's script -- an exercise in take-no-prisoners imagination and hilarious writing" -- Huffington Post


Production and Development History

Developed and World premiere at The Magic Theatre, Feb 2014