In Tiny Houses

Part social parable and part fairy tale, In Tiny Houses is a modern riff on Pandora's Box, set a small village in Eastern Ukraine in the days and weeks following the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, and in tiny houses around the globe.

In Tiny Houses imagines the events of this air disaster through the those who came in contact with the passengers before the crash, as well as the villagers whose job it became to police and protect the victims’ bodies, and the family members who waited for weeks and months for any word about their loved ones.
The newly named Peoples’ Republic of Donesk was four months into a war with its own people when a missile shot through a commercial jet flying just 1,000 feet over no-fly warning zone. On board were several top AIDS researchers and scientists on their way to Melbourne for a large, international conference, along with families: children, grandparents and lovers. The play focuses on extraordinary events of the ordinary people affected by this disaster and asks, How to find hope in a time of chaos, and how far would you go to get it?

Cast Requirements

3M 3W

Set Description


Production and Development History

Developed through residency at The Lark retreat at NY Stage & Film; The Lilly Awards' SPACE at Ryder Farm family retreat, and PLAYTIME at New Dramatists.