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An original musical
Music and Lyrics by Adam Gwon
Book by Sarah Hammond

On a starry mountaintop above Ancient Greece, a god stands with a dead girl in his arms imploring the three fates to undo his lover's death. When the impersonal fates refuse, he forces the sisters down from their place in the heavens to live and work on earth. And this is where we find our trio of thread-makers 3,000,032 years later, living in an office on the top floor of the tallest building in the world, measuring the threads of human life to a new soundtrack of fax machines and ticking clocks. They pluck and weave, marking time until the gods will let them back up to their starry mountain. All seems routine until Atropos, the oldest and most severe fate, decides to go downstairs. One mistake leads to another - a lost pair of scissors, a kiss, a stolen string - and soon Atropos, string-cutter, tangled deep in the web of human longing, breaks her own rules to offer forever to an ordinary man. Can the fabric of the universe stand a flaw? Quirky and contemporary with a dash of fairy tale, it's a diverse ensemble musical about sisters, offices, and love. A glimpse in a skewed glass of the threads that make relationships, how they fray, stretch thin, or hold forever, strong as elevator cables.

Here's a link to Betsy Wolfe singing a song from the show at 54 Below.

Marie Lemon, Brittany Dye, and Kevin Hoffman rehearsing String during Millikin University NAMT residency.
MacDowell Colony residency.
Our three main characters in Paul Manship's sculpture, "Time and the Fates of Man."

Frederick Loewe Award; NAMT Residency Grant; Broadway Across America commission; O'Neill Music Theatre Conference.


This project is in development.