The End of Reality

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Security guards and intruders fight emotionally and physically.

Cast Requirements

4 men
2 women


“Though the talk is full of emotional revelation, no emotional connections are made: violence seems to be the only activity that links these people. Mentions of sex are mostly conceptual… The supervisor's talk is heavy with soul-searching, couched in terms of Christian salvation.”
—Michael Feingold, Village Voice

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“Mixed with the bleak panorama, the haplessly fatalistic characters, and the arbitrary events, this evokes the least avant-garde mode of theater imaginable…”
—Feingold, Village Voice

“(The play) finds in the early 21st Century an echo of T.S. Elliot’s Wasteland of the early 20th Century, of hollow men reaching without conviction for anchors of hope and faith.”
—Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“The guards…speak in those elliptical fragments that have become this playwright’s signature and that have the fascinating banality of conversation overheard in a supermarket or a subway car.”
—Brantley, The New York Times