The play is about a sister confronting her once-brother-but-now-sister about her choices.

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It’s like I tried to do what they wanted when we were in school, you know, be the good son, be Vikram, but something inside of me was dying. So then I tried do what I needed to do, to be Vikki. I just wanted to be the me that I felt on the inside. And I can almost handle it, you know, the way people point at me and laugh. The people who spit at me and ... but then there’s Mom and Dad, and they’re so disappointed. They look at me and think they’ve failed as parents. And it breaks my heart, every moment they’re in pain, I feel like a piece of me is dying. So you see, I can’t win. I die either way. And if I were to really do it, go to sleep with a bag over my head and never wake up, then I’m still a selfish shit. At least this way there’s hope, you know? Maybe someday it’ll be different. Maybe the world will change. Maybe someday they’ll love me. Maybe someday we’ll be friends again, cause I miss that.

Cast Requirements


Production and Development History

Produced at a Desipina 7/11 Festival sometime around 2010.