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January 26, 2013

The Next Thing: Prestininzi

Ken Prestininzi's lecture-play Birth Breath Bride Elizabeth is in The Next Thing Festival in Boston. ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage, in association with The Center for the Theater Commons and The Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival, presents a combustible combination of theatre, film, music, workshops and live-streamed events. Completely housed in ArtsEmerson’s Paramount Center in downtown Boston, The Next Thing (TNT) Festival (FEB 15-24) creates an unprecedented opportunity to dive deep into the world of contemporary performance.

August 10, 2012

This month: Love in the Seventh Kingdom of Wrath

I'm ecstatic and proud to be collaborating with New York City's dynamic and new theatre company FRANK on my new play that explores the joy, anger, fear and sorrow in the life of Caravaggio: Love in the Seventh Kingdom of Wrath. In this bravado love story, the painter Caravaggio stumbles through prayer and barroom brawls confronting flesh, desire, and a threatening chorus of angels. FRANK's ensemble creates a dangerous, lustful world of images, song and movement for the play about an artist, his model, and their wrathful secrets.

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