Staff-Supported Residency Enrichment and Benefits


New Dramatists' support of writers is holistic -- alongside support of the artists' work in the Lab, we find ways to encourage and support their work as playwrights in the world. Consults with staff, writing retreats, and practical benefits such as writing space, computing support and free photocopies, are all a part of a writer's residency benefits.

New Dramatists also serves its writers through its Field Advocacy. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

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Resident playwright Erin Courtney and director Mia Rovegno rehearse during PlayTime.
Resident playwright Erin Courtney and director Mia Rovegno rehearse during PlayTime.

Staff/Writer Check-In Meetings

As a part of the staff’s partnership with resident writers, periodic residency check-ins are held with writers in their 1st and 5th years. These meetings inform staff about writers’ goals and aspirations; writers learn about varied programming opportunities offered during their residency. The programming staff held 15 check-in meetings during this season, and the entire staff hosted an orientation meet-and-greet lunch with this year’s incoming cohort of residents.

For more information about these meetings, please review our Playwright Support Activity Report.

Co-sponsored Retreats

As New Dramatists is able to secure co-sponsored writers’ retreat opportunities, we make travel arrangements necessary for a group of ND writers to participate in week-long writing intensive-excursions. This season, thanks to generous co-sponsorship from the Weston Playhouse, four writers (Mashuq Mushtaq Deen, Andrea Thome, Kenneth Prestininzi, Cori Thomas ) and staff member Joel Ruark enjoyed a seven-day retreat at the Weston farm and facility in Vermont.

Writing Space/Accommodations

We underwent intensive efforts in 2011 to reimagine many of our group workspaces, finding ways to create solo writer work areas. New writing desks in our Library, a flexible table configuration in our meeting room (“the Classroom”) and continued re-imagining of our John C. Russell Writers Room have enabled writers to work, either alone or in small groups, throughout the building. Short-term residence rooms on the 3rd floor, labeled “7th Heaven,” enable brief stays in the building, or serve as daytime private writing rooms.

Virtual Computing/Photocopying

Thanks to generous support from the Scherman Foundation's Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund, an organization-wide virtual desktop computing system is entering its beta test phase to provide virtual desktop computing power to the entire resident company. This initiative will allow resident writers access to fully supported and licensed computing resources and writing software, accessible from any device with an internet connection.


Last but not least, perhaps the most practical of resident writer benefits, New Dramatists maintains two commercial photocopiers on site, which may be used by resident playwrights to copy scripts for submission. While a simple benefit, photocopying continues to provide important, practical support to resident playwrights.