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The Resident Playwright Production Map - linked in the menu to the right - allows you to zoom in and see information on productions across the country from the last six years.


Similar to Bell Labs and other renowned research institutes, New Dramatists evaluates field impact through a long-range look at our writers' work in the field at large. Both links on this page - one, a historical "Resident Playwright Production Map" of New Dramatists resident writer works; the other, a look forward at ND writers' works scheduled for production - illustrate the range and scope of New Dramatists' investment in playwrights, and the presence of those writers on stages across the country.

Building upon our decades-long history of quiet, consistent support of playwrights and their connections to the field, over the last several years New Dramatists developed significant partnerships with important project funders in the field, including the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Time Warner Foundation, the Theater Subdistrict Council and the Scherman Foundation. Thanks to their support, New Dramatists has ramped up its extended development opportunities to include The Jerry A. Tishman Playwrights Creativity Fund, which supports three to five-day extended workshops for ideas and works-in progress, and FULL STAGE NYC and USA, which paired writers and producing theatres together to support new projects from commission, through development, towards full production.

These initiatives had an immediate impact on our playwright community and deepened the level of connections between New Dramatists, new play producers, and the field at large:

Nearly 50% of Creativity Fund and PlayTime projects, and the majority of FULL STAGE projects, inspired outside producers to further develop and, most often, commit to full productions.

The Creativity Fund's success as a pilot initiative attracted significant new support to sustain the program, most recently from the Time Warner Foundation and the Scherman Foundation's Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund. Through a generous legacy gift from Jerry A. Tishman, we have secured funding for the Creativity Fund for at least 15 years. In honor of Mr. Tishman’s gift, we have renamed the program in his honor.

In recent years, four theatre companies have grown out of Creativity Fund workshops: Stein I Holum Productions; Eugenie Chan Plays, Sibyl Kempson’s 7 Daughters of Eve Thtr & Perf Co, and most recently, Andy Bragen Productions.

FULL STAGE has inspired ongoing partnerships between New Dramatists and sister-producers (Yale Rep, Soho Rep, Actors Theatre of Louisville, and others) who see the benefit of programming writer-driven development sessions outside their walls.

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